Life in Grenoble

Life in Grenoble

Monday, May 12, 2014

Natalie says goodbye to Grenoble, and hello to OU

The semester at the CUEF is officially done! Each exam has been handed in and awaits being graded, and with the end of the semester comes a whole slew of goodbyes. Goodbyes to teachers, acquaintances, and friends, all difficult to do knowing we may never see one another again (although I admit I’m a pretty sentimental person anyway, which doesn’t help). 

However, I’m so thankful to have been able to meet all the people I have – when else will I be studying French with students from all around the world? Some of my best memories here involve hanging out with other international students – most recently eating at a restaurant with five friends from school. Of the six of us, not a one had the same nationality. Our whole evening was conducted in French, and we got to spend some time eating some delicious food and reveling in the fact of being finished with exams.

It has just been a really amazing experience studying just French for a whole semester with these students. Not only do we share a desire to learn French for whatever reason, whether it be just a hobby or for a future career, but each of us, too, is able to bring our own life and cultural experiences with us to share. What’s more, this aspect of student life in France has helped me develop a greater understanding how important embracing the diversity at OU is! Although I’ve been involved in the Conversation Partners Program in the past, I feel really encouraged to get more involved with our international students at OU upon the start of the fall semester.  


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