Life in Grenoble

Life in Grenoble

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alessa's thoughts on the Battle of the Boys

Alessa sipping coffee and pondering the enigmatic world of men

It's kind of a challenge to describe French men. I mean, one can easily resort to the stereotype that French guys are forward and huge flirts, but that's not the case, really. Of course, you see the type from time to time. I personally have experienced a few catcalls and have been approached by strange (bordering on creepy) French guys at the tram stops and at caf├ęs and bars. But if you kindly reject or ignore them, and they leave you alone. And of course the guys that have the courage to approach you in that manner are never the young and attractive guys...

Anyway, for the most part French guys are respectful and a lot of fun. When my friends and I hit the night scene, we usually end up meeting really nice guys that can hold an interesting and intellectual conversation on diverse topics for hours, which is a lot harder to find back in the US. Another big difference is how French guys dance (they have moves!). Here we can actually see and have eye contact with the guy dancing with you. Unlike in the States, where the grinding phenomenon does not allow you to see the guy while you dance. 

Finally, French men are not afraid of phones. Back home girls are never really sure when and if a guy they met are actually going to call them. But here the guys ask for your number and diligently contact you the next day. Yeah, I know, crazy. 

So I don't know if French men are better then American boys but my friends and I are sure having fun making guy friends here in France!


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