Life in Grenoble

Life in Grenoble

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Peek into Paris

Hello everyone ! Considering you're all getting your weekends started, I figured I would help you set out on the right foot by throwing another post your way. Just over a week ago we arrived in Grenoble, but alas, this was not our first stop in France. We all arrived in Paris the beginning of last week—the other girls had little trouble escaping the throes of the Midwest's winter armageddon, but somehow I had the bad luck that landed me with a cancelled flight and a 30-hour period of flights and layovers instead. Needless to say, Paris was a very welcome sight for us all, with its unseasonably balmy breezes and snow-free streets. But honestly, even in the worst weather conditions Paris is lovely.

So, what did we do while in Paris? These photos will reveal all. Disclaimer: your level of satisfaction with your current location might diminish after seeing these photos.
Le Château de Versailles, former residence of the kings of France (photo by Alessa).

 Cathédral de Notre Dame de Paris in the morning.

A close-up of the sculptures decorating the front of the cathedral. 

How did I achieve such incredible camera angles you ask? Well we climbed the stairs of course (all 387 of them!) to get to the top.  

Behold! La Tour Eiffel standing over her city.

She doesn't think we can see her behind the bare trees. (photo by Alessa)

View from La Tour Eiffel. Once again, there's only one way to get such views (actually two: you can either take the stairs or the elevator, but didn't take the easy way out)
Who knows where one can find this gem of a painting? Le Louvre, of course! If you're like me and are wondering why in the world this drap scrap of a painting became so famous, well it's because of the look in the subject's eyes. She gazes directly at the viewer, turning her lips up in a sly, seductive smile. Nothing shocking today, but such an expression was scandalous at the time, thus making it a much sought-after work of art.

 La Liberté guidant le peuple

Voici La Basilique du Notre Dame de Montmartre. Yet another Paris destination that includes many, many steps to reach the top. I always take the stairs because it makes reaching the top that much more gratifying. (photo by Alessa)

Up close and personal (photo by Zoë). 

During the boat tour on the Seine (photo by Zoë).

There you go, a glimpse into our excursions around Paris. Enjoy your weekends everyone, et à bientôt!

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